1. Girl party/16

  2. velamag:

    "I have always understood the importance of self-defense—pressure points, kidneys, a thumb in an eye socket. My father taught me what I needed to know. We would play a game called Mercy; he would curl my fingers into a fist, until my nails were his piano keys. He pressed each nail, harder and harder, until I hit my knees. ‘Mercy, mercy’—the high-pitched notes of my hand’s piano.”

    Kayla Candrilli’s stunning contest-winning essay, “Inversion”:



  3. Gloria Steinem is 80


    Mom: Gloria Steinem is 80

    Me: I know

    Mom: How did that happen?

    Me: How old does she have to be before you’ll call yourself a feminist?

    Mom: 95

    Me: 95?

    Mom: 95

    Me: Well, she seems pretty stubborn

  4. Self-Portrait in Taxi for Mom

  5. In case you were wondering.


  6. Love my friend Adelle on Richardson “vs” Fielding. I was always a Tom Jones girl, myself.

  7. Watching James Gandolfini, I have often thought of my grandfather, another person known to me only through images, but essential in my memory all the same. Gandolfini’s quicksilver shifts from stony to feather soft, animal to ingenue, repellent to beseeching, and endless territories between, kept us searching that face for the best and worst of ourselves. His reminder, for me, has an indelible theme: Italians really do have the best eyes.

  8. Lovely Rita.


  10. believermag:


    Michelle Orange and I grew up a few neighborhoods apart in the woodsy, conservative university town of London, Ontario and, after high school, we both studied English Lit and Film in Toronto. Yet wasn’t until 2009, in New York, that we got to know each other. Canadians have a knack for…

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